PHP and MySQL Training

PHP and MySQL, both are really effective open source technologies. It helps in enabling people to create functional websites and apps. This is something that cannot be accomplished with basic HTML. PHP has a solid presence around the world.

An individual with absolutely zero knowledge of coding, will also find that working with PHP is quite easy. With the right guidance and a zeal to learn and work hard, most of the people can start building web apps in no time. The course is gives you a mix of the complex coding theory, and also enables the beginners to create usable solutions to get the job done.

Module 1 Core PHP

  • Introduction to HTML & CSS and Dreamweaver
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Condition Checking (if, else if etc.)
  • Loop Control (while, for, for each etc.)
  • Use of Array
  • Use of Session & Cookie

MYSQL Database

  • MySQL Fundamentals
  • MySQL Clients
  • SQL Expression
  • Data Types
  • Creating Databases, Tables, Columns & Indexes
  • Database Connectivity
  • Fetching Data from Database
  • Inserting Data into Database
  • Updating Data in a Database
  • Deleting Data from a Database
  • DML Commands in MySQL
  • Querying MySQL
  • Advanced Queries
  • Views

PHP Functions

  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP Fundamentals
  • Variables & Data Types
  • Expressions & Operators
  • Control Structures
  • Arrays
  • OOP in PHP
  • Exception Handling
  • IO Operations
  • Collections
  • Form Handling
  • Session Management
  • PHP with MySQL
  • JavaScript Validation
  • Introduction to FTP
  • JavaScript Training

Package for 1 student 6500 INR Package for 2-3 students 5500 INR

Module 2 Advanced PHP

  • WordPress Training OR Joomla Training - CMS

Module 3

  • Live Project

Package for 1 student 10K Package for 2-3 students 9K

Career opportunities after PHP Training

It is offering an opportunity to students who have enrolled in the PHP Training with us to work on live project in our Web Development wing and get live experience of projects. They will get an experience letter as well